Thinking About a Healthcare Career?

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we provide a wide variety of programs and experiences for those interested in a healthcare career. Use the information and links below to explore different programs that can help you on your path to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Job Shadowing Programs

The purpose of job shadowing is to observe a health care associate performing their daily work routine in the hospital/clinical environment. St. Elizabeth provides many shadowing opportunities depending on your specific request.

High School Service Internships

This year-long, competitive internship program exposes high school seniors to careers in healthcare across multiple clinical and non-clinical tracks while providing high school credit through service learning.

Kentucky HealthCorps Opportunities

Kentucky HealthCorps is a great organization for those interested in serving their community while gaining valuable work experience and creating real change in the lives of the most vulnerable.

M.O.O.N. Program

M.O.O.N. (Medical Observation Opportunity Network) is a free, one-week program that provides panels, hands-on activities and more to high school students interested in Physician and APP careers.

“M.O.O.N. offers so much more than other healthcare observation programs. It is a truly impressive experience all students should participate in before going into med school. I was able to witness many surgeries, complete rounds with doctors of various professions and truly come to understand the daily life of a healthcare worker. I was eager to arrive and see what adventures awaited me that day. I felt like part of the St. Elizabeth family during the length of the program!”
Brayden, M.O.O.N. program participant

Live Surgeries

St. Elizabeth provides a real-life surgery perspective to high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. View a news report on this unique program.

NKU Nurse Healthcare Camps

Collegiate partner Northen Kentucky University offers a summer camp for high school students to explore healthcare specialties, learn new skills and get a glimpse of campus life.

Adult, College and High School Volunteer Opportunities

More than 1,400 individuals volunteer throughout St. Elizabeth Healthcare, ranging from high school students to adults in their 90s. Students can gain service hours and insight into healthcare careers by volunteering weekly at one of our hospitals or physician offices. Both clinical and non-clinical volunteer positions are available.

Meet Winston!

This lighthearted coloring/activity book tells the story of a family’s beloved but mischievous dog named Winston, whose antics lead to a variety of medical mishaps involving his family members. It’s a great way to encourage children to start thinking about a healthcare career in their future. If you’d like to borrow puppets based on the Winston story for teaching sessions, please contact Debbie Puckett at: