Cook - Nutrition Services

Job Description

1st Shift, 8 hours per week (PRN)


Prepares food for patients, staff, and catered meals in a safe and sanitary manner.  Use standardized recipes, proper portioning, and frequent checking for quality standards. 


Demonstrate respect, dignity, kindness and empathy in each encounter with all patients, families, visitors and other employees regardless of cultural background.

Job Duties Include:

Preparation:  Estimate amount to be served and obtain food from storage areas, convert recipes to yield appropriate quantity. Wash, peel, cut and prepare raw ingredients.  Use proper knife skills for meats, produce and portion sizing. Set-up to station to meet service times.  Demonstrate organization and ability to multi-task. 

Production:  Utilize basic cooking skills such as: sautéing, grilling, baking, steaming, poaching, microwaving and other techniques as required to produce recipes. Season and cook food according to recipes and/or experience, determine doneness  using methods such as tasting, cooking time/temperature, or reading internal temperature with thermometer.

Service:  Read and prepare food orders in a timely and accurate manner. Portion, arrange and garnish food using proper utensils. Support team production to meet service needs. Maintain professionalism at all times, including busy periods and emergencies. 

Kitchen Safety:  Monitor equipment for defects, damage or misuse and report maintenance needs to supervisors. Maintain equipment for safe and proper use to prevent injuries.

Food Safety: Monitor temperatures of hot and cold food items, properly label, date, rotate, and store all food items according to policy.  Handle ready to eat items applying knowledge of safe service to account for cross-contamination, food allergens, time/temperature sensitivity, and for serving a high risk population.  

Cleanliness: Maintain clean and sanitary work area by monitoring tables, shelves, drawers, cooking equipment, storage bins, cutting boards, refrigeration equipment, floors, walls, ceilings, trash bins, cardboard, side towels, oven mitts, station cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Quality: Compliance with all local, state, federal and medical center regulatory, safety, sanitation and security standards. Participate in performance improvement (PI) studies, assist with data collection and supports action plans.

Performs other duties as assigned.









Education, Credentials, Licenses:

High school diploma or GED required

Specialized Knowledge: 

Ability to read with comprehension and follow written and verbal instructions

Kind and Length of Experience: 

12 months in food service preparation