Registered Respiratory Therapist

Job Description

Here's why St. Elizabeth Healthcare is the best place to work as a Respiratory Therapist!


Are you a person who influences others, and is known to be outgoing and to get "the job done"?  Would others say that they know you to be very interested in helping others,  optimistic, upbeat, flexible and giving off “positive” energy?  Do you enjoy working with a great deal of change, shifting priorities, and juggling tasks simultaneously?  If a situation arises that is unpredictable you respond positively and acts quickly and intensely.  Do you approach things with a practical, common sense ways of getting things done.  Are you known to be detail oriented and you pay attention to tasks, procedures and specific job assignments? 


If you identified with the above traits, you are exactly who we are looking for.  You will find this position at St. Elizabeth Healthcare to be an ideal match for your skillset.  



Upon physician’s orders, assesses patients’ pulmonary status, determines appropriateness of orders and administers various modes supportive or restorative of therapy, with or without medical gases or pharmacological agents to restore normal cardio-pulmonary function.  Upon physicians’ orders conducts various cardio-pulmonary diagnostic tests to determine existence or extent of cardio-pulmonary disease.

Demonstrate respect, dignity, kindness and empathy in each encounter with all patients, families, visitors and other employees regardless of cultural background.


  • Registered Respiratory Therapist as described by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC)

  • Holds current mandatory certification from Kentucky Board to practice Respiratory Therapy in Kentucky.

  • Associates degree in applied science or equivalent.

  • All Registered respiratory therapists must maintain their credential as described in the Continuing Competency of the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). Failure to maintain the credential will result in a demotion transfer to grade 144 as a Respiratory Technician until their credential is reinstated by the NBRC

  • ACLS certification- if not already certified, will be required post hire